Neumann Goretti partners with Slash Athletes

Neumann Goretti partners with Slash Athletes to become one of the first high schools in America to take advantage of new NCAA NIL rules.

Pennsylvania, USA – The world of college athletics will be disrupted in 2021 like never before. With NCAA athletes now able to monetize their presence with the newly formed Name Image Likeness (NIL) rules, Slash Athletes works with schools to educate their students on amplifying their digital presence and effective online leadership skills. While in talks with several universities, this partnership with Philadelphia high school basketball powerhouse, Saints John Neumann & Maria Goretti HS showcases the drastic shift we will see amateur athletics take starting this year

The newly agreed upon changes to the NCAA’s NIL compensation rules will make it legal for student athletes to earn money through  “third-party endorsements” and “compensation for student-athlete work product or business activities”. Despite the NIL rules applying to college athletes, the Neumann Goretti basketball program, by partnering with Slash, will be at the forefront of high schools preparing their players for this shift. Coach Arrigale has coached more than 30 Division I players to scholarships at the collegiate level from Neumann Goretti, as well as winning over 520 games. He states that he “sees it as an opportunity for his athletes to gain a competitive edge for when they do go to college by learning how to build positive brands”.

Slash will provide Neumann Goretti’s basketball team with the tools to build their brands now, so that they can hit the ground running when they are able to take advantage of NIL rules. Slash provides one-on-one & group personal brand coaching sessions, as well as a digital learning platform. The course covers brand development, starting your own clothing brand or podcast, digital literacy, how to handle hate & negativity online, and tips on becoming an athlete-activist.

Slash CEO, Jordon Rooney commended Coach Arrigale for being ahead of the curve: “This is the perfect time for athletic programs to empower their athletes. This is the attention economy and athletes have always had attention on them. They should be provided the skills to be successful even beyond their playing career by leveraging their digital presence. We’re super excited to partner with Coach Arrigale and Neuman Goretti”.

Slash builds Athlete/Brands. It is a digital learning and skill building platform to help student-athletes build their brands. Slash focuses on brand development, effective online leadership, and digital economy career development.

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